Our Partner Vizlib launches the 1st Marketplace for supported Qlik® extensions! You can trial and subscribe to extensions built by vetted partners. TIQ offers three Qlik® extension:

  • TIQ Word Cloud: A Qlik® Sense extension to render a pseudo-randomized Word Cloud, means same or similar resulting layout for the same input data set and random seed. The rendering is adjustable with a couple of parameters.
  • TIQ Chord Diagram: A Qlik® Sense extension to render a dependency wheele to visualizes dependencies between two dimensions using an interactive chord diagram. Each chord section represents a source and/or target. Links between the arcs materialize dependencies between source and/or target.
  • TIQ Master Item Container: A Qlik® Sense extension to render multiple Qlik Sense visual Master Items (charts, tables etc.) in one container and make them availabe via dropdown selection.

For Vizlib Partner it´s a place to sell their components in a protected way.

Click here for more information.

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