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The MicroStrategy platform is an enterprise analytics and mobility platform that provides organizations with all the capabilities to develop and deploy intuitive, easy-to-use applications for data collection, data visualization, data processing, and advanced data analytics. In addition, it is available to any user, regardless of role, function or technical expertise.

MicroStrategy combines traditional business intelligence with modern analytics and cloud technology. All parts of the MicroStrategy ecosystem interlock seamlessly, and the unified architecture integrates tools from leading technology vendors so that powerful analytics can be easily integrated into any enterprise workflow, application, or process.



Get answers fast - even for Big Data analytics - by tapping disparate data sources and bringing them together in impactful, interactive visualizations. Drag and drop to create powerful visualizations to share with colleagues across the enterprise with a single click. That ensures a single source of truth across the enterprise.

Integrated platform

for analysis, reporting, dashboarding, data discovery with a unified metadatabase for all front-ends; as on-premise and cloud as well as enterprise and desktop variants and with easy integration into the enterprise environment.

Optimal performance, speed and scalability

through optimized resource usage by moving complex functions to the database and using an in-memory caching layer. This leads to faster response times for every query.

Efficient security and management

through integrated security controls at the platform, group and user levels, which can be managed via a powerful control module.

Use of various data sources

from simple tables to distributed Hadoop file systems (HDFS). Connectors allow the connection with various Big Data technologies such as Cloudera, Pivotal, IBM BigInsights or Hortonworks.

Federated analytics

enables trusted data analytics in the form of dossiers, dashboards, predictive models, project performance reports, financial reports, and billing data.

Transformational mobility

for the development of mobile productivity apps. Mobile dossiers, code-free drag-and-drop and XCode or JavaScript can be used for this purpose.

The right solution for every problem

MicroStrategy in your company

During the implementation in your company you will receive support from us with:

  • kick-off workshop to define the goals and determine the milestones
  • analysis of requirements, intersections, key figures and coordination with system administrator and business user
  • design and piloting of the future MicroStrategy solution
  • data modeling and setup of the autoprocesses and development of the front end
  • acceptance by business department and user introduction / training
  • testing and optimization / redesign of existing applications

Get quick and straightforward advice from our MicroStrategy experts.

Experte MicroStrategy bei TIQ Solutions

Tobias Schulze
Consultant Buisness Intelligence

TIQ Solutions GmbH

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