Initial workshop for Advanced Analytics

Boarding in Advanced Analytics

Workshop für Big Data, BI und Advanced Analytics
  • Discover innovative business possibilities with Advanced Analytics
  • Insight into data science processes and technologies
  • Guide on the implementation of a Advanced Analytics solution for your company

1. Overview of basic concepts, methods and technologies

2. Concept of industry-specific data science / Advanced Analytics solutions

3. Development of a specific Advanced Analytics application

4. Application scenarios for your solution, from concept to implementation

Result: Roadmap for your specific Andvanced Analytics application including data screening.

  • Duration: from 4 hours
  • Location: in your company
  • Group of persons: IT-oriented manager / specialist area, IT leaders, software architects and developers
We will show you how you
  • can gain information from your data.
  • can focus on the right data.
  • can process and analyse your data faster.
  • can automatically recognise patterns and correlations.

Your contact person

Vincent Rüsike