Extend your Qlik application for more functionality and interaction.

Qlik Sense Extensions / QlikView Extensions

Qlik offers the ability of the functional extension to the document and object level (Document Extension / Extension Object). These extensions are based on an implementation of QlikView Ajax / JavaScript API (Application Programming Interface) and can be viewed in QlikView Ajax browsers or in the WebView of QlikView clients. Qlik Extensions for QlikView are possible as of version 10. Qlik Sense extensions are developed on the basis of JavaScript and AngularJS.

Main applications:

  • Extension of the analysis and visualisation capabilities (maps, charts, graphs)
  • Extension of the QlikView Ajax client with additional functionality (display control of web elements, screenshot / printing / copying worksheets)
  • Extension of the QlikView Access Point with additional functionality (Reload Button)
  • Data exchange with back end applications (write data back to server or database) or external systems (eg. web services)


  • User-friendly - No programming skills required
  • Ready to start immediately - ready for use after only a few minutes
  • plug-in mechanism - fast integration into the Qlik environment
  • Cost-efficient - no additional servers required
  • Intuitive user interface - no training required
  • individual layout - customized to your design

Customized extensions for QlikView and Qlik Sense

TIQ Solutions develops QlikView and Qlik Sense extensions and the corresponding back end applications (or web service links) for general and customised use cases. We use self-provided toolkits and libraries and embed modern open source JavaScript data visualisation libraries such as Raphael.js and D3.js.

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