Interactive extension for connected data to be analyzed in Qlik Sense

A Qlik Sense extension to render a network chart resp. a graph using open source library vis.js. This interactive extension is particularly well-suited for highly related data to be analyzed in Qlik Sense. The visualization and analysis of the data takes place in the form of nodes and edges. Above all, this has the advantage that complex data relationships can be accessed with little effort or even become visible.

Process Mining, fraud detection, social media applications, recommendation engines, knowledge graphs, biological networks, navigation systems and IT/networks are just a few of many examples where highly networked data needs to be correlated in data analysis.

Radial Layout of Qlik Sense Hierarchies

Radial Layout of Qlik Sense Hierarchies

Graph Extension Process Mining

Analysis of complex processes in Qlik Sense with Activity Graph and aggregated variants

Qlik Sense Graph Extension

Investigate fraud networks and fraudulent behavior


  • Visualize data from Qlik as graph (nodes and edges).
  • Select data in Qlik via selection in the graph.
  • Statistical information about properties of this graph.
  • Hierarchical layout possible (radial).
  • Use Degree for Node Size: size of node shape will increase when node has more connections
  • Node Tooltip: a field or expression to define a text shown as tooltip on node hovering
  • Smooth Edges: smoothen edge lines as curves
  • Fit after Rendering: place/zoom the graph into the given extension space after rendering
  • Filter visualization of nodes and edges according to key indicators.
  • Use Icons or Images as node shape

Custom Qlik Sense extension

TIQ Solutions develops Qlik Sense extensions and the corresponding back end applications (or web service links) for general and customised use cases. We use self-provided toolkits and libraries and embed modern open source JavaScript data visualisation libraries such as Raphael.js, vis.js and D3.js.

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