QVD Converter

Use your Qlik QVD data in other systems

The library enables Java applications to create and process QlikView data files (QVD format) from any size independently (e.g. in Unix environments).

The offered Java classes can be used directly in any Java implementation (via import) and are a useful starting point for the development of plug-ins for ETL tools like Pentaho Kettle. With this, QlikView data files are integratable in any data integration process.

QVD Converter in XML
QVD converter

The QVD Converter library consists of the following components

  • QVDReader.class: extracts data record-wise from a QVD file
  • QVDWriter.class: creates a QVD file using given metadata (columns, datatypes and formats) and fills it record-wise
  • QVDtoCSVconversion.java: converts a QVD file of any structure and size into a CSV file
  • QVDSearchSymbols.java: Wildcard search on QVD files in a directory
  • Additional implementation examples
  • Documentation in JavaDoc format

As implementation partner of Qlik we have gathered many years of experience in the integration and development of Mashups, Extensions and Node.js services and program library.

Currently TIQ Solutions develops a QVD JDBC driver based on the QVDReader class. This JDBC driver will make QlikView QVD data files available as queryable SQL data sources for a broad range of applications implementing the JDBC standard.

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