Helping the UN Explore & Predict Conflicts – Blog to Qlik Hackathon 2017

Qonnections time is hackathon time! This year our CEO Ralf Becher attended the annual Qlik Worldwide User Conference for the 8th time, and since 2014 he has contributed to the hackathons. Usually, we formed a multinational team of Qlik expertsbut this year’s team “Deep Sense” consisted of members from German Qlik partners Akquinet finance & controlling and our company TIQ Solutions. We are very proud to get second place at Hackathon and we congratulate to 1st place AxisGroup and 3rd place

The United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations was this year’s partner of the Qlik Branch hosted “Qlik Hack Challenge”. The given incidents data set from ACLED (Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project) provided information about conflicts that happened in Africa over 20 years up to 2016 and also data about refugee migration up to 2013. “The hackathon objective was to create a tool to analyze and understand the profile, causes and dynamics of the conflicts in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

There were high expectations and, from our point of view, too many objectives for the given time of two weeks so we focused on a few important aspects:

  • a Dashboard to visualize and explore the relation and dependency of the main conflict dimensions
  • a Graph Analysis to explore relations between actors (alliances) during events in DRC and neighboring countries and how these evolve over time.
  • a Prediction of Conflicts to predicting the number of fatalities

You can find more information about the specific solutions here:

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