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Advanced Analytics comprises a versatile repertoire of advanced computer-based analytical methods. Data relevant to your business is systemically evaluated by intelligent algorithms. The patterns and trends contained therein can thus be identified and recorded in the form of mathematical models. These analytical methods range from descriptive and inductive statistical methods and exploratory data visualisation to powerful machine learning algorithms for clustering, anomaly detection, regression and association analyses, as well as classification methods.

With Advanced Analytics, you can use models to automatically identify patterns and correlations in your data, enabling you to forecast future events with their respective probabilities. These unprecedented insights into your data and the forecasts derived from them enable you to react today.


  • Pattern recognition in the data
  • Identify correlations and anomalies
  • Trend spotting
  • Predict complex business correlations
  • Calculate potential future scenarios
Advanced Analytics

Your custom Advanced Analytics solution

We will show you how you will benefit from Advanced Analytics and support you in:

  • the use of systematic application of artificial intelligence (AI) methods to find and utilise patterns, trends and dependencies in existing data (data mining)
  • the automated modelling of statistical correlations based on extensive training data (machine learning)
  • the custom-fit application of advanced analysis and forecasting procedures (predictive analytics, deep learning)
  • the clear evaluation and processing of gained insights and prototypical models

In implementing analytical projects, we are guided by tried, tested and adaptable process models (see CRISP-DM), which best reflect the iterative and agile nature of such a complex data science process and ensure the greatest possible transparency and predictability.

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