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Big Data is a collection of modern technologies and a data management strategy, designed to efficiently process unstructured, complex and continuously growing volumes of data. With this strategy, the data is not changed or distorted into a relational schema. Furthermore, big data allows for a cost-efficient performance and storage scaling, as well as quick access to new and existing data sources.

With a Big Data solution, you don’t need perfectly compiled data, and you can instead create direct, targeted analyses and informative reports across systems. Supported by advanced technologies like diagnostic analytics, big data helps you find correlations, patterns and anomalies – even in real-time. With the information you gain, you can react faster and more specifically to market changes, and make the right decisions to create a significant advantage over the competition.


  • storage and integration of complex data volumes
  • analysis and streaming of raw data
  • high performance storage and analysis
  • seamless integration of your existing IT systems
  • high data security thanks to distribution and redundancy
  • easily scalable clusters and performance
Big Data Lösung von TIQ

Your custom Big Data solution

You will receive support- starting with the development of a Big Data strategy; from the definition of the system architecture to the hardware and software components and the implementation and testing of your Big Data solution. In doing so, we support you in exactly the extent and scope you need, and integrate the procedure models, reference architectures and software tools already established in your company.

Our services are:

  • Components for streaming
  • Development of a data lake solution
  • Extensions for database systems like Neo4j, Hive or HBase
  • Migration of technical logic and historical databases
  • Java development for individual applications

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Andreas Richter

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