Analyze data effectively and get valuable insights

Business Intelligence (BI) & Data Analytics

With Business Intelligence (BI) & Data Analytics you can effectively analyze your data and gain valuable insights from it. With this decision-relevant knowledge, you can make your operational business processes more profitable, minimize risks and increase your value creation.

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics helps you to get a comprehensive view of the data of your entire business processes that provides answers - what is happening or has happened in your company, when and to what extent. Automated reporting and an interactive interface let you see even complex relationships at a glance. Use the potential of your data.

From a process perspective, your data is condensed into information by extracting it from internal and external sources, processing and integrating it into a central database (e.g., data warehouse). The results are then made available across departments or companies in the form of interactive visualizations, such as dashboards. The type of visualization is adapted according to the information needs of the users.

Business Intelligence

From a process perspective, your data is condensed into information by extracting it from internal and external sources, processing and integrating it into a central database (e.g., data warehouse). The results are then made available across departments or companies in the form of interactive visualizations, such as dashboards. The type of visualization is adapted according to the information needs of the users.

Benefits of Business Intelligence solutions

Decide on the basis of facts

Make decisions that move them forward. Based on facts not just hunches or gut feelings.


Cost reduction and resource conservation through automated individual reporting and controlling by the end user.

Increase efficiency

Business Intelligence automates many manual processes and reduces significantly the time spent on detached data preparation and analysis.

Unified database

Maintain an equal reference of the data through a uniform database, only then they are comparable.

Real time insights

Real-time insights at the macro and micro levels enable timely identification of the need for action.

Customized reports

Intuitive usability helps end users to create individual reports according to their requirements.

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What support do you require?

Projects for the implementation of BI solutions are often designed for the long term and are associated with high initial investments. In addition, the permanent support of BI applications, such as administration, operation, maintenance and support, ties up in-house IT capacities. Business Intelligence as a Service offers you a fast, resource-saving and simple alternative.

It provides you with an end-to-end service that takes care of the extraction, organization and maintenance of your data and is hosted outside your company’s IT. BI as a Service is particularly suitable for companies with limited IT resources or with flexible scaling requirements. All relevant BI topics are outsourced, starting with data storage (on premise / cloud), ETL, software, servers and application. With a focus on insights from your data, we deliver the necessary information from your data.

For a customized BI application, we also offer a modular BI-as-a-Service design that can be configured according to your individual use case,

With our comprehensive BI consulting services, we accompany you from the development of a data strategy for your company, the definition of an application-oriented system architecture, the evaluation of suitable software and hardware components to the development, administration and implementation of a comprehensive BI system.

  • Recording of the initial situation and inventory
  • Target definition and determination of requirements/information needs
  • Cost estimation and budgeting for an overall project
  • Identification and selection of relevant data sources
  • Data analysis of the sources
  • Data quality evaluation of existing inventory data based on technical and business rules and regulations
  • Architecture definition and software evaluation
  • Conceptual design of ETL routes, workflow management
  • Modeling of DWH and data marts
  • Development of test concepts, rollout strategies
  • Concept development for self-service BI
  • Development of release management and deployment processes
  • Handover and training

We support you with an iterative approach to effectively approach and successfully complete your BI projects. We ensure that the requirements and goals are clearly defined at the beginning and that all stakeholders and end users are involved in the planning and development from the start. Phased planning is highly dependent on the dynamics and internal policies of the organization. For a smooth and successful implementation, a phased rollout in individual departments and / or business units has proven to be effective in order to also create best practice scenarios for the organization and generate tolerance for change. However, a truly data-driven corporate culture can only be implemented if the entire company is open and ready for it. This is exactly where we help you. This is how we ensure that you exploit the maximum potential of your data.

For a sustainably successful BI system in the company, continuous further developments and measures for quality assurance of the system solution are essential. That is why we offer support services for testing the BI environment and carrying out necessary optimizations for smooth and secure system operation. You can flexibly decide whether you want to make use of our support selectively in critical situations or regularly at recurring intervals.

  • Architecture check: We analyze your existing BI architecture with regard to performance, agility, business benefits, future security and total cost of ownership. System architecture, data models, loading processes and development structures are checked for their performance and weak points are identified.
  • Data quality check
  • Security & Authorization Check: With this check, we examine your authorization concept and the security of your company data against unauthorized access.
  • Health check: With our best-practice approach, we check your system for performance and efficiency.
  • Training / Workshops
  • Redesign/optimization
  • Support services in projects
We support you to the extent you need

Procedure Business Intelligence & Data Analytics


Actual analysis and strategy

It's not enough to just have data - you need a strategy to leverage the value of your data and deliver meaningful results that align with your business goals. In our Data Assessment, we work with you to develop the optimal approach that aligns with your business strategy. First, we analyze your maturity level in data management and business intelligence. Based on this information and your requirements for analytical questions and evaluations around your data, we jointly define the strategic framework for the introduction or further development of a business intelligence platform. In an agile exchange, we work out your concrete requirements and use cases with you. Together with you, we sketch an initial overview of the structure of the solution.


Architecture and technology stack

In the second step, data domains, data sources, and interfaces relevant to your information needs are developed. In addition, we analyze how these source systems correlate with each other. For the setup, further development, or migration of a business intelligence platform, the appropriate architecture, technology, and corresponding software components are evaluated and defined with you based on your existing system landscape.


Target model, data integration and data quality assurance

In this step, the target environment is modeled based on the requirements and use cases for the business intelligence system. Furthermore, the implementation of a targeted data integration from the previously evaluated and defined data sources into the target environment takes place. During the process steps for preparing the data, we also pay particular attention to ensuring data quality by the rules agreed with you.


Data preparation, interactive analysis and dashboarding

After successful integration of the relevant data from selected source systems into the target environment, preparation can now be carried out. During preparation, the modeling of dimensions and facts takes place. In addition, aggregations and key figures are defined.
With the prepared data, we can then work with you to implement the specific analyses and dashboards according to the specified requirements. We also support you in performing interactive analyses on the data sets of the business intelligence platform. Overall, we place great emphasis on individual knowledge building and a shared understanding of the data in order to derive new information from it. After all, it is important to provide you with targeted support for important decision-making processes.


Deployment and release management

After sufficient tests of all functionalities of the business intelligence platform, we support you in the deployment in productive operation and design a release management process with you for the creation of further versions or the further development of the platform. During deployment, we pay particular attention to the implementation of the authorization concept defined with you for the business intelligence platform.

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