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Business intelligence technologies and methods to help you analyse your data in a comprehensive and systematic way. From a procedural point of view, your data is condensed into information by extracting it from internal and external sources, processing it and merging it into a central database (data warehouse). The results of the data analysis are then made available company-wide in the form of interactive dashboards – adapted to the information needs of the user. Business intelligence solutions require structured and consistent data.

A business intelligence solution gives you a comprehensive view of all your business processes, providing you with answers to, what has happened in your company, when and to what extent. This enables you to automate your reporting. Thanks to the interactive interface, you can easily recognize complex relationships at a glance. With this decision-relevant knowledge, you can make your operative business processes more profitable, minimize risks and increase your added value.


  • all information in one central location
  • fast results thanks to in-memory technology
  • identical relation between the data through a uniform data pool
  • intuitive operability interactive analysis and data visualisation
  • automated ad hoc reporting
Business Intelligence

Your custom Business Intelligence solution

You will receive support- starting with the development of a Business Intelligence strategy; from the definition of the system architecture to the hardware and software components and the implementation and testing of your Business Intelligence solution. In doing so, we support you in exactly the extent and scope you need, and integrate the procedure models, reference architectures and software tools already established in your company.

Our Business Intelligence Services:

  • ETL processes for data integration
  • Data mart - specialised database logic
  • Data warehousing solution - Construction of complex database systems
  • Interactive analysis
  • Reporting
  • Dashboarding - interactive view for reporting and analysis based on in-memory processing

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