Data management for Automotive / Mechanical Engineering sector

Major challenges do not always cause costly solutions. Particularly in the automotive and engineering industry various data are continuously generated in large quantities by various systems. For easily recognizing correlations and answering crucial questions, data and data sources must be taken in consideration jointly.

As a meaningful alternative to the construction of complex system landscapes, our compact solutions focus on the holistic data analysis of all data sources in your business. In a simple way, results become visible that significantly improve your decision-making basis. The new in-memory technology ensures not only high performance and a short payoff period but also a piece of security for your future. An intuitive interface and an arbitrary distribution of the generated solutions enable the inclusion of all groups of users, anytime and anywhere.

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We care for you and your needs exactly in the range and scope your needs:
  • technical advise on the analysis of technical problems to the business process
  • commitment in projects as developers, analysts or architects
  • project management
  • design and implementation of architectures for data integration to the fully quality-assured process of gathering information
  • from small and medium businesses to an international group environment

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TIQ Geschäftsführer Andreas Richter
Andreas Richter