Data Management for the Energy sector

Due to the growing share of renewable energy sources, the traditional measurement and control mechanisms are no longer sufficient to handle the power grids satisfactory. Efficient IT solutions are thus needed that allow for online monitoring in the context of Smart Grid by mass data analysis in real time.

At appropriate challenges, TIQ Solutions lends you support with its longtime project experience and TIQ Analytics offers a sophisticated data integration, in which the heterogeneous source data is mapped using transformation rules to the analysis oriented schema of a data warehouse.

Daten management for the energy sector
We care for you and your needs exactly in the range and scope you need:
  • technical advise on the analysis of technical problems to the business process
  • commitment in projects as developers, analysts or architects
  • project management
  • design and implementation of architectures for data integration to the fully quality-assured process of gathering information
  • from small and medium businesses to an international group environment

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TIQ Geschäftsführer Andreas Richter
Andreas Richter

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As part of the EUMONIS research project, we were able to evaluate new Big Data techniques and develop innovative solution concepts for the energy sector. See our success story for more information.