Is it a fairy tale that good business decisions can be taken quickly and reliably? Not with Qlik View®

Qlik View ® is an innovative data analysis tool with the fastest customer growth worldwide. With its associative method it reveals by means of a ‘Qlik’ much more about your company and customers than you had ever suspected – and it does so within seconds! You no longer have to rely on assumptions but are in a position to make fast, clever decisions you can depend on. Qlik View® is so easy to operate that it’s child’s play for you to analyse and visualise your data, revealing an entirely new insight into the world of your company data.

As implementation partner of Qlik we have many years of experience in the implementation and further development of Qlik View®. Read more.

Our Qlik®-Solutions:

Both specialist users and IT experts are enthusiastic about Qlik View®

QlikView can be used company-wide in any industry:

  • Management: reporting, profit centre control …
  • Human resources: development of fluctuation and wage costs…
  • Marketing/sales: sales controlling, customer value analysis, campaign management
  • Controlling: cost controlling, risk controlling, trend analyses
  • Production: production control, operational reporting …
  • IT: performance controlling, service level reporting …
  • Data quality: data profiling, business rule analysis, monitoring
  • And a great deal more …

QlikView offers a range of benefits:

  • fast installation
  • easy operation
  • unbelievably fast results
  • flexible technical integration
  • suitability for any size of company
  • rapid amortisation

You don’t believe in fairytales? Neither do we, so why not test it for yourself?

Download QlikView for free: QlikView Full Version

Self-Service data visualization with Qlik Sense®

With Qlik Sense® everyone, also user without development experience, can easily gain valuable insights on their data. So organizations are not just better informed, they can make meaningful decisions and also respond more quickly.

As implementation partner of Qlik we have gathered many years of experience in the field of implementation and further development of Qlik Sense®, the integration and development of Mashups, Extensions and Node.js services. Read more.

The benefits of Qlik Sense®

Qlik Sense
  • flexible and agile
  • comfortable and intuitive navigation
  • prefabricated dashboards, professional assistants &
  • user-friendly through self-service
  • drag & drop function
  • smart search function
  • modern design
  • available on all devices
  • API platform
  • straightforward Mashup integration