Data management for the telecommunications sector

One of the fastest growing markets is the telecommunications sector and building on it services. It is one of the areas, which is subject to the most technological and economic changes. Adding to this are various government regulations and legislative changes that need to be taken into consideration.

Having reliable partners in such a dynamic environment, whose assistance is not limited to pure IT programs, is of paramount importance. A reliable partner that is what we are, a team of  computer scientists, data scientist and economists, with more than half a decade of practical project experience in the field of telecommunications and in some cases more than ten years of practical experience in the IT environment.

Bild für Datenanalyse Telekommunikationsbranche
We care for you and your needs exactly in the range and scope you needs:
  • technical advise on the analysis of technical problems to the business process
  • commitment in projects as developers, analysts or architects
  • project management
  • design and implementation of architectures for data integration to the fully quality-assured process of gathering information
  • from small and medium businesses to an international group environment

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Sven Mensching