Intelligent Controlling with QlikView® at the Karosseriewerke Dresden

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The Karosseriewerke  Dresden operate in vehicle construction, especially in the fields of sheet forming and sheet connection technology, and supply companies such as Volkswagen, Daimler, Audi and Porsche.
The reports from the companies’ production control system have not been sufficient enough for a data analysis and therefore a visual representation of the relationships between the data was difficult to realize. The analysis software used so far also had formatting problems, unsatisfactory analysis capabilities and a time-consuming report generating.
The management as well as the controlling of the Karosseriewerke Dresden wanted to have access to the real-time data of the production control system, in order to have better options to respond to changes and to be able to perform a better scheduling. There was also a need for more rapid and flexible, customizable reports, since the analyses always ended in a one-way street.

To meet these challenges, QlikView®, a new data analysis tool with an associative method was implemented at the Karosseriewerke Dresden. Since QlikView® is that easy to handle, data can be analyzed and visualized effortlessly and by that, completely new insights into the world of data from the production control system can be obtained. The use of QlikView® at the Karosseriewerke Dresden is mainly used for analyses of:

  • Sales planning
  • Material planning
  • Workforce management
  • Machine scheduling

Now QlikView® is used in the controlling department of the Karosseriewerke Dresden and is also available for the management department. With QlikView® the controlling department can now view the sales forecast for up to 6 months in advance and gain different views and information on the data from the production control system. The information content of the data has increased and thus  the need for clarification between the controlling and the IT has decreased. Through the automatic linking of QlikView® to the production control system, a mixing up of item numbers will be avoided. Formatting problems also belong to the past now. Thus, the quality of the information has risen as well with the use of QlikView®.

Project Overview

Karosseriewerke Dresden

Customer Objective
Optimization of the reporting

Our Solution
Intelligent controlling due to the data analysis software QlikView®

Customer Benefits

  • Access to real-time data
  • Process optimization
  • Better information quality
  • Time saving
  • Flexible reporting
  • Access to sales planning 6 months in advance
  • Overview of all data

“The associative technology helps us to avoid generating similar reports and even gives answers to questions that we previously did not even consider.”

Bodo Oppermann, Head of IT, Karosseriewerke Dresden

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