Quality-assured Data Management in an End-to-End Diagnosis Project

Data management


The Deutsche Telekom AG is a global telecommunications company headquartered in Bonn. They provide the full range of modern telecommunications and information technology to millions of private and business customers: from mobile and landline communications to the Internet through to complex IT and telecommunications solutions.

The company offers various product packages in the so-called triple play area. The term “triple play” describes the convergence of the three services telephony, TV and Internet access. Within the product package “T-Home Entertain” the customers of Deutsche Telekom receive a broadband connection, which offers the opportunity to use these services via an IP-based connection. To ensure the availability and quality of this product and its components, a solution to monitor and evaluate, and appropriate means to deduce necessary measures for improvement are needed.

Within the project, an analysis and monitoring system with measurement points along the product chain in the field of IPTV products has been developed and implemented. As a prerequisite for the monitoring of the process and the measurement points respective operating numbers were defined, due to which qualitative improvements can be identified. The business intelligence software QlikView® was installed as a front-end and analytical tool for the metrics-driven end-to-end diagnosis of interferences at the customer’s product or at the systems.

The databases of all relevant source systems were integrated into a data mart via a multi-stage ETL process. In this process specific mechanisms to ensure the data quality and thus to guarantee significant results were constructed. At this point, QlikView was deployed again, as a monitoring solution for indicators to safeguard the quality of the data. At the same time, a metadata model for the management and analysis of quality and process information has been integrated. The data integration and data quality management architecture was implemented on the basis of Informatica PowerCenter and Informatica Data Quality. The data storage and the design of data marts were carried out with Oracle 11g Enterprise.

The realized measures allowed a complete end-to-end diagnosis of potential interferences of all systems and components, which are part of the production, through individual and mass analysis. With the evaluation of the diagnosis results the availability and quality of the product “T-Home Entertain” and its components can now be consistently monitored and possible deficiencies can be detected early. Thus, statements about existing vulnerabilities are possible and necessary measures can be initiated quickly and efficiently.


Grafik zur Referenz qualitätsgesichertes Datenmanagement

Grafik: Visualization of performance indicators per connection range within an area code



Deutsche Telekom AG

Customer Objective

Complete end-to-end diagnosis of potential interferences

Our Solution

Conception and implementation of an analysis and monitoring system

Customer Benefits

  • Monitoring of the availability and quality of the product
  • Early detection of defects
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Process optimization

“Our longtime partner TIQ Solutions is equipped with profound professional and technical telecommunications-specific knowledge regarding processes, data and interfaces of network and IPTV systems, which contributed to the success of the project to a large extent.”

Ruben Señor-Megias, Senior Expert – Service & Demand Management IP Services, Deutsche Telekom

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