TIQ Neo4j Server-side Extension for Qlik

Integrate Neo4j in your Qlik Application for graph analysis

With the Neo4j Server-side Extension (SSE) created by TIQ Solutions, you are no longer bound to the relational data model in your Qlik application. Based on graphs, countless directed and undirected relationships can be displayed between the individual pieces of information. This allows correlations and dependencies to be quickly identified at a glance. The SSE is used to call and live-query the Neo4j Graph Database from Qlik.

By releasing the server-side extension protocol (SSE) of Qlik in 2017, the Qlik Associative Engine (QIX) can now connect and integrate with other third-party systems. This enables the Neo4j graph database of Qlik to be called up on the basis of the SSE and directly queried live. The SSE processes all function calls and integrates itself into Neo4j via the bolt protocol. The SSE protocol offers a number of functions that you can implement in your SSE code in addition to your own defined functions.

Neo4j Datablending and Live-Querying Qlik Sense

Neo4j Datablending and Live-Querying with Qlik Sense

TIQ Neo4j SSE - function call

TIQ Neo4j SSE – function call

Integrated Graph KPIs in Qlik Dashboard

 Integrated Graph KPIs in Qlik Sense Dashboard Objects, TIQ Network Extension on the right side


  • Use of powerful Neo4j graph algorithms
  • Interactively usable in the Qlik interface
  • SSE provides functionalities and can be extended individually
  • Higher degrees of freedom by calling other functions e.g. for the provision of different data formats
  • Better performance through native Bolt protocol

Implementation TIQ Server-side Extension

You want to use the TIQ Neo4fj Server-side extension in your Qlik application? We support you in the implementation of the product in your Qlik application. Contact us!

Are you looking for a different extension for your use case? We develop extensions for QlikView and Qlik Sense as well as the corresponding back-end programs (or web service connections) individually for you.

Let us advise you on the design and implementation of your next analytical challenge!